Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bye Bye 2012.

I haven't taken any pics for my blog recently so I decided to put together a few pics of some outfits I wore over the festive season. [excuse the blurry night ones! lol]. It's been great having time off uni and catching up with friends + hitting the SALES!!! Though the sales weren't that great this year (taking off £2 doesn't really count as sale in my opinion!lol) but I still managed to snap up some great stuff which I'm very excited to post about verry soon. 
I can't believe this year has already come to an end! where does the time go??! Crazy! Anyway... Here's hoping 2013 will bring just as much if not more happiness and hopefully the time can slow down so I can fit in some more blogging. Happy New Year everyone!


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