Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Burgundy on Burgundy

Hi All! As you can see I've been a tad bit obsessed with burgundy this winter so regardless of whether its trending or not I will still be rocking my burgundy pieces with pride!

I wore this outfit to uni yesterday and as I was also going out for a meal with some friends in the evening, I wanted to go for a casual but polished look that was suitable for both day & night. If ever there was a way to achieve both a day & night look, then a blazer and skinny jeans combo has to be it! Adding a blazer to an outfit always automatically gives it a more polished and smart feel and if you're not a skinny jeans person then a pair of fitted trousers or a skirt can look just as good. 
I paired mine with a sheer frill detailed top which I have owned for about 4 years and never tire of wearing and a pair of burgundy jeans identical to a green pair I wore in a previous post here. I wore a pair of brogues/Flatforms from H&M which are very comfortable for the day and smart enough to carry off a night look. Alternatively, I would also wear this fit with a cute pair of pumps or ankle boots.
The jacket is another H&M buy (H&M really have their moments!!) which I got in the x-mas sales and its definitely one of my favourite items right now because I feel like I can wear as plain and simple an outfit as I want and it will still add some character to it. Super warm too, so its a win-win!


Hope you like the look & follow my blog for more!
Enjoy your week!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Houndstooth Jacket

Firstly, apologies about the quality of the pics, God will bless me with a proper camera veryyy soon...until then my Samsung is fulfilling its purpose and as long as my outfits are relatively visible I can live with it. 
Secondly, if you are reading this - thanks for visiting, hope you like & feel free to leave a comment/suggestions etc as I have a lot to learn about this world of blogging.
Now the best bit: The outfit. This Jacket! This jacket has been sitting in my wardrobe for a while now as its been way too cold lately to wear anything this thin without freezing to death. But yesterday the weather warmed up a bit (for about 2hours lol) so I got the chance to rock my beloved houndstooth and leather combo. Houndstooth has been trending for a while now and it looks set to be around next autumn & winter so not a bad buy (especially as it was reduced from £75 to £15)!  I especially love the leather sleeves on it because as we know leather accents makes everything that little bit nicer + more stylish. I wanted to keep everything else simple so I went for a plain black top, with this high-waist skater skirt and a pair of gold-detailed pumps which I think complimented the jewellery quite well. 
I have more outfits planned for thing jacket which I can't wait to share once the weather gets a bit better so look out for them. 

Outfit:Jacket:The Sting|Top:Primark|Skirt:NewLook|Shoes:Gift|Jewellery:Primark|Handbag:Ebay 

Happy weekend!


Going with the flow

This is an outfit I wore sometime last week but didn't get time to post, better late than never though! I love converses because they can be worn with/look good with just about anything and they're so comfortable. Been wanting a pair of the high-top versions for agesss, so I think that will be my next treat to myself! 
I teamed these with a long skirt and denim jacket but I love that this outfit could very easily be changed into a formal/outing outfit by switching the converses to some pointy-toe heels (or cute pumps) and the denim jacket to a black blazer and.. voilaa a whole new look!! 
As I've said before (if I haven't it'll become evident very soon) I have a major obsession with coats and proud to say that I've added two babies to my collection this winter! yaay. lol. Anyway this is one of them - an oversized fur collar type which I got on sale from Debenhams. I got it a size up because size 8 was sold out but I'm glad I did because I can wear big cardigans and jumpers underneath and it still fits perfectly. 

Outfit: Coat:Debenhams|Denim Jacket:Vintage|Top:Primark|Skirt:Newlook|Tights:Primark|Belt:H&M|Trainers:All Star Converse 

Hope you like

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Chic: What I'd Wear...

So I've been indoors all day trying to do uni work and every now and again I can't help but do some online 'window' shopping. Since I can't go out in the snow I thought I'd create a virtual outfit of some pieces I've come across & liked which I'd wear on a snowy day! Up until a few months ago I wasn't a big fan of fur but now I can't get enough of it.. (I guess that's one of the best things about fashion, the fact that you grow to love things you swore you'd never wear and then hate things you thought you couldn't live without! LIFE ey!) I especially like this jacket because I think the denim + fur combo has a nice edgy look to it.
Usually I carry an umbrella when its snowing but I'm almost always certain to get a few odd looks so I guess opting for a hat instead is a better idea lol. plus I love the 'Geek' slogan on this one.

Happy Sunday.
Hope you like the fit & Enjoy the snow in whatever you've chosen to brace it in!! :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

African Jewellery

Sometimes I wake up with an urge to wear something random from my wardrobe which I haven't worn for ages and today it was these African necklaces and bracelet! I'm very big on statement jewellery, particularly bold necklaces because I tend to wear a lot of neutral colours and plain tops and shirts so interesting neck wear is always a fun way to jazz up my outfits. 

     I love African jewellery because its versatile and different (you can bet I didn't bump into anyone at uni wearing similar jewellery to me today!lol) plus it always adds some character to any outfit!

         These green jeans were one of my best finds in the sales and I'm already practically living in them! I love the way forest green and leopard print look together - hence the matching belt and pumps![to be honest I just have a secret obsession with leopard print!!lol] 

Outfit: Blazer:H&M|Jumper:H&M|Jeans:H&M|Belt:Primark|Pumps:Primark|Jewellery:Gifts(from Uganda)|Handbag:Zara