Wednesday, 9 January 2013

African Jewellery

Sometimes I wake up with an urge to wear something random from my wardrobe which I haven't worn for ages and today it was these African necklaces and bracelet! I'm very big on statement jewellery, particularly bold necklaces because I tend to wear a lot of neutral colours and plain tops and shirts so interesting neck wear is always a fun way to jazz up my outfits. 

     I love African jewellery because its versatile and different (you can bet I didn't bump into anyone at uni wearing similar jewellery to me today!lol) plus it always adds some character to any outfit!

         These green jeans were one of my best finds in the sales and I'm already practically living in them! I love the way forest green and leopard print look together - hence the matching belt and pumps![to be honest I just have a secret obsession with leopard print!!lol] 

Outfit: Blazer:H&M|Jumper:H&M|Jeans:H&M|Belt:Primark|Pumps:Primark|Jewellery:Gifts(from Uganda)|Handbag:Zara


  1. Like your wardrobe; Love the photos

  2. LOove it!! and love your blog! keep it up x

  3. Like the outfit especially the shoes and belt, they look nice.
    Had no idea Therz such nice articles with animal print.
    Thanks. Keep it up.

  4. Glad you like it.. :) hope I've converted you into an animal print lover! Lol x

  5. Hey would u do a photoshoot with me, u'll make a good model. Get in touch, twitter: captain_maximus or


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