Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Chic: What I'd Wear...

So I've been indoors all day trying to do uni work and every now and again I can't help but do some online 'window' shopping. Since I can't go out in the snow I thought I'd create a virtual outfit of some pieces I've come across & liked which I'd wear on a snowy day! Up until a few months ago I wasn't a big fan of fur but now I can't get enough of it.. (I guess that's one of the best things about fashion, the fact that you grow to love things you swore you'd never wear and then hate things you thought you couldn't live without! LIFE ey!) I especially like this jacket because I think the denim + fur combo has a nice edgy look to it.
Usually I carry an umbrella when its snowing but I'm almost always certain to get a few odd looks so I guess opting for a hat instead is a better idea lol. plus I love the 'Geek' slogan on this one.

Happy Sunday.
Hope you like the fit & Enjoy the snow in whatever you've chosen to brace it in!! :)


  1. Commenting just because I don't know how to follow! Heyyyyy

    Love the boots!

    1. haha.. I've figured it out now but I can't find you.. you need to link your blog to your profile so I can see if it works!


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